In this section you can find the final civic monitoring reports produced by all partners in regards to the project monitored in their country.

What is the final civic monitoring report?

It is the document in which each organization that has carried out the civic monitoring activity, summarizes the most important information of the monitored project.

The final civic monitoring report includes:

– a brief general description of the monitored project
– the results appreciable so far
– an analysis of possible weaknesses and strengths
– a summary assessment of the usefulness and effectiveness of the project

At the end of the report, each partner assigned a final rating to the monitored project among one of the following labels: ongoing without major obstacles, ongoing but with problems, stopped, finished and useful or finished and ineffective.

Find out what we discovered about the usefulness and effectiveness of the project funded through the European structural investment funds!

The reports are divided by country and can be viewed online on the Monithon partner platform (reachable through the link), or downloaded in pdf format in english or national language.


Partner Organization: Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion
Monitored project: “Restauration du Murs à pêches de Montreuil”

PDF REPORT (English)


Partner Organization: Carpe Diem

Monitored project: “BioProspecting Jadranskog mora

PDF REPORT (English)
PDF REPORT (Croatian)


Partner Organization: InnoPolis

Monitored project: “Reuse of old papermill in Aigio

PDF REPORT (English and Greek)