Mobius Circle APS association – The Mobius Circle is a social promotion association based in Lecce founded in December 2019 on the initiative of a group of young people from Salento in response to the personal urgency to stay in play with respect to the pressing global social, environmental and environmental challenges of our time.
The association aims to contribute to triggering in communities those changes in lifestyles and consumption that are necessary in view of development and the circular economy.
The activities we promote are inspired by a common vision that finds its synthesis in our associative manifesto, resulting from a democratic and inclusive debate that took place between the members at the time of the association’s foundation.
Among the purposes envisaged by the Statute:
● promote the vision of a “zero-waste” community and the implementation of systems of reuse, empty rendering, recycling, repair, exchange and gift within the community, which lead to a reduction in waste production;
● promote the change in community consumption habits in favor of bulk, reducing the use of disposable packaging;
● promote the adoption of policies that limit the sale and use of disposable materials, through dialogue with local and regional public institutions;
● promote active citizenship and models of shared management of public goods according to the principles of subsidiarity with local authorities;
● carry out scientific research that can create practical solutions applicable to the local reality aimed at safeguarding the environment and using natural resources and activating virtuous and sustainable circular micro-economies;