InnoPolis is an NGO, not for profit, with over 15 years of experience in EU funded projects, promoting environmental protection, cultural heritage, tourism development, new technologies and entrepreneurship.
InnoPolis’ vision is to promote a holistic sustainable approach of innovation – both technological and social, in harmony with cultural values for the benefit of EU integration and regional competitiveness.
InnoPolis mission is characterized by the continuous pursuit of actions related to inter-regional innovation taking into account the cultural dimension.
Innovation and Culture activities are structured around several main strands according to their focus and level of intervention: local, national, transnational, regional, interregional, and worldwide.
INNOPOLIS’ founders have initiated and/or implemented several territorial co-operation and EU integration projects. By participating to all these projects, INNOPOLIS matured a very sensitive experience in EU Project Management, dissemination & communication activities, and knowledge transfer to society.