Fundacja Autokreacja


The Autokreacja Foundation aims at fostering the active participation in a civil society through various initiatives in the field of social economy. We contribute to the civilizational, cultural and economic development of Poland. We want to put the spotlight on problems of diverse social groups that are often marginalized, that is why we focus on cooperation with long-term unemployed, youth from underprivileged regions, unemployed women, eldery people, immigrants and refugees. Many of our projects were designed to favour multiculturalism and intercultural exchange by bringing together different lifestyles, points of view and philosophies. Our conviction is that sharing, experiencing and debating are the best ways to progress as it permits us to be open to new initiatives and to welcome with enthusiasm, possibilities of cooperation with organizations dealing with different domains in many countries and cultures all over the world.
We set up the Autokreacja Foundation because we like working with people. That is why in our projects we invest time and energy in initiatives which give us the opportunity to directly interact with people – we organise and run workshops, trainings and cultural events with the aim of helping people from all walks of life and to develop their potential and communicate with one another.