CARPE DIEM – SEVENTH DEBATE ABOUT THE PROJECTS „Bioprospecting of the Adriatic sea“ and „STIM- REI – Research, Innovation, Education“

EVENT’S DATE: 13-19th June 2022
EVENT’S LOCATION:  Karlovac, Community Centre

On the last debate, held in Karlovac in the community centre, the monitoring group gatherd to comlpete the civic report.. The report consists description on the whole project and process of the monitoring process.  The report consist informations of the goals of the project and the process of achieving them. This project is focused on research and development of new sources of chemical compounds, genes, microorganisms, macroorganisms and other valuable products from nature, research and development of knowledge on the use and management of biological resources.

Marine coastal systems such as the Adriatic Sea are assumed to be a possible rich source of new products for medical and biotechnological applications. Although the richness and diversity of marine systems are well known, their availability and exploitation in Croatia has been very limited until now, and research work on Croatian marine resources has been limited to several separate international projects.

One of the projects aims were getting adequate equipment, which is helping Croatian scientists to better integrate into the European research space. Also, it will help for them to be sustainable, even when the project is done. All of the mentioned above shows how the project has both social and ecological aspect.

Overall, the project is fulfilling its objectives, as said in the report, both in environmental and social aspects and even though it is lacking some promotion, it is on the right path.