CARPE DIEM – FIFTH DEBATE ABOUT THE PROJECTS „Bioprospecting of the Adriatic sea“ and „STIM- REI – Research, Innovation, Education“

EVENT’S DATE: 25th April 2022
EVENT’S LOCATION: Karlovac, Community Centre

The fifth meeting was held in Karlovac, in the community center, which is run by Carpe Diem and its a space where organisation in Karlovac have the opportuinity to do their own activities for free, therefore they were invited to participate into this debate. After they collected more informations and did the interviews, they had a chance to present what they collected and we did a disscusion on it. It was really interesting combining all of the informations and get a clearer picture on what has been going on so far and how was it presented in public. 

What was really interesting is to see how projects like this are lacking of raising awareness  in its own importance and how the public needs to be more aware of it. Finnaly, we made some relevnt points and started to prepare for the final report.