Co-founded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union CIVIC MONITORING
for the future

“Civic Monitoring for the Future of Europe” is a project co-funded by the Europe for Citizens program of the European Commission, developed and promoted by a consortium of seven European organizations in six EU countries: Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal.


The project starts from the recognition of the urgency of a real ecological transition that allows Europe and the planet to tackle the climate and environmental emergency of our time and ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for all.


The other theoretical premise is that such a big a challenge requires the active participation of all European citizens who should be involved both in defining the Union’s political priorities and in monitoring the resources allocated to local authorities for the realization of those projects needed to achieve the environmental and climate objectives.


The project aims to promote tools and methods of active citizenship in order to involve citizens in the monitoring process of the local administration activity, responsible to implement the projects in their regions.



On 9 September 2022 at Casa Sommer in Cascais, near Lisbon, took place the final conference of the project 'Civic Monitoring For the Future of Europe', with the participation of all the partners’organizations. ...

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